“The P.O.W. and the Girl ” at The Sherry Theatre

One thought on ““The P.O.W. and the Girl ” at The Sherry Theatre”

  1. ”Who has them doing a lot of heated shouting-” a sad and sorry lack of the understanding from this ‘ critic’ of the depth and impact of PTSD and un-abating explosive rage which frequently plagues families and veterans. Interesting so many Veterans have loved this play- they know truths others either chose to deny or are ignorant of the realities families suffer through -characterized by ‘ Heated shouting- yes this is what goes on behind closed doors Mr Myrvold. Reality bites * There are ways to view rage and there are ways – its all contextual perspective * Another way through the looking glass :
    ** The P.O.W. and the Girl’ finds powerful emotional release in NoHo through Feb. 16**


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