“The Dance of Death” at Odyssey Theatre Ensemble

3 thoughts on ““The Dance of Death” at Odyssey Theatre Ensemble”

  1. Here’s a good example of a theatre critic who, in regards to theatre references, gets it..

    Conor McPherson’s adaptation of August Strindberg’s The Dance of Death is a bitter, superbly black comedy, which is said to have inspired such Twentieth Century playwrights as Eugene O’Neill, Jean Paul Sartre, Samuel Beckett, Harold Pinter and most notably, Edward Albee, whose now classic play Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? is a direct descendent.
    -Paul Myervold
    He completely understands theatre history,
    And context, and he’s a rare critic who can make these references accurately ..he did the same thing when reviewing The Gary plays.. I’ll enclose his review and references there.. now that’s breadth of knowledge.
    He doesn’t judge, or compare which work is more valid.. he just gives you the historical context, and notes the influence”
    Paul, I see also that you are an accomplished actor as well.. you are what a theatre critic was intended to be.. in the spirit of george Bernard Shaw.. a true man of the theatre.. no im not saying this only because you said complementary things about us.. as I’ve taken the time now to read many of your reviews, And they are rare gems all.
    Cheers, or in the spirit of Conor McPherson..
    – Sláinte!
    Jeff LeBeau

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    1. my apologies if aspects of my comment above , was at all confusing, as I copied and pasted my comment From what was an email I had written to a colleague.
      Who suggested, you might appreciate hearing it,.. I agreed.


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